Sawdust Based Advance in Marine Oil Spill Clean-up

Exciting applications for Arctic spill response

News about this exciting new application for sawdust started hitting the papers in December, 2016 about Pacific Northwest National Laboratory’s work in using sawdust for cold water marine oil spill response.

Science Daily posted quite a comprehensive article on the breakthrough. Northwest National Laboratory “Sawdust reinvented into super sponge for oil spills.”Read more…

Given our abundant northern oil resources, the fact that we’re surrounded by cold and arctic waters and with the longest coastline in the world, this seems like good news for Canadians and the oil industry. It’s also another great application for sawdust.

For additional information, posted a related article worth reviewing. at the Department of Energy’s have modified sawdust to clean up Arctic oil spills, where ice can push oil below the water surface. Read more…


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