Industrial Applications

Sawdust has come a long way since being considered a waste product of the wood industry.

Today sawdust can be readily seen in professionally landscaped gardens, on business pathways and in livestock barns but did you know this is just a small portion of the industrial applications for this product?

All Purpose Sawdust sells clean dried consistent and uncontaminated sawdust product with a 3 – 12% moisture content. This makes it an ideal economic solution for soaking up moisture or oil spills, providing a clean hygienic environment for livestock in barns, arenas, kennels and pens, and providing soil erosion control during pipeline developments (for example).

Our sawdust is made from 100% recycled untreated wood products and can be shipped in Canada and internationally by the bag, pallet, container or truckload. Contact us to discuss your agricultural, chemical, environmental or other sawdust requirements.

The lost circulation material of choice for mud engineers and an ideal sorbent for deck cleanup and swabbing waste.


Livestock bedding for horses, pigs, and large stock animals. It has excellent absorbency, ammonia control and a price advantage.


Ideal for solidifying and stabilizing liquid waste slurries as well as for use in large scale composting applications.


Ideal for erosion and weed control as well as composting, mushroom substrate and soil conditioning.


Technical Specifications

Our kiln-dried sawdust has a 3% and 12% moisture content, which is idea for a wide variety of sorbent, solidification and waste management applications. Our sawdust is made from 100% clean, untreated, recycled wood products.

Our standard product is run through a sizing screen and blown through a closed looped system and then into the bagging bin where the sawdust is augured into the automated packaging unit and placed straight into a poly-woven bag.

Because it travels through a sealed system from screen to bag, customers are assured a consistent, uncontaminated product.

We specialize in a unique production and packaging system that produces skids of bagged product which are uniform, uncontaminated, compressed, stable in transport and safe for outdoor storage.

Order Logistics

We make All Purpose Sawdust easy to purchase, ship, handle and store, no matter your application or location. We maintain an in-house trucking operation for domestic and US deliveries or move your product to a rail terminal yard.

Bags and Pallets

Each poly-woven bag of sawdust contains 1.4 cubic feet of product and weighs an average of 15 pounds (7 kg) each.

Each skid of 60 bags becomes a solid 47” x 47” x 50” cube that can be double-stacked and shipped in dry vans or on flat deck trailers without product shifting.

Pallets are packaged in a waterproof membrane with a UV protector, making outside storage feasible.

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Large Totes

The sawdust in each tote provides approximately 130 cubic feet of product and weighs between 1100 to 1200 pounds.

We compress the totes so trucks can carry their full weight. Compressed totes can be placed double-wide and double-stacked on a dry van, flat-deck or step-deck.

Totes can be handled from the bottom by the skid or from the top, using the “ears” on the tote.

For a nominal charge, each tote can be fitted with a waterproof, UV resistant cover for outside storage.

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Truck Loads

A standard 53 foot trailer can accommodate 52 pallets of sawdust. For larger orders, we offer up to 60 foot trailer loads as well.

If you prefer unpackaged loads delivered by live floor trailer, just call and we’ll accommodate your bulk order needs as well.

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A standard 40 foot container of sawdust houses 42 heat treated pallets or 2000 bags of sawdust.

We can accommodate delivery of these containers anywhere you need them.

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